DIY: A Wax-Sealed Letter From Santa!

Naturally, two weeks before Christmas might not seem like a GREAT time to tackle a tricky-looking DIY. But we are normal human people here, not Martha-Stewart-craft-wizards so you can take it from us, this DIY is definitely do-able!

Regardless of how your family ‘does’ Santa (does he bring the big gifts? Maybe he’s the delivery guy for Mum and Dad, or leaves a small surprise under the tree), a letter from the Big Man himself is a pretty darn cute way to make Christmas even more magical for your little ones.

After spending what felt like days in an internet black hole trying to find the perfect wax seal to make our Santa letters authentic, HALLELUJAH, we stumbled across local kids Kustom Haus, who basically won our hearts with their easy-on-the-eye website, quick despatch times, and modern collection of stamps and wax colours. Karl was a legend to deal with too, and within a few days we had a custom design stamp and everything else we needed to hit the ground running.


A wax stamp – we designed ours, but Kustom Haus have a cute Christmas collection ready to go if you’re in a rush.

Flexible sealing wax sticks – we chose Neon Red and Gold Pearl.

Highlighting ink pad, and a cotton bud.

Baker’s twine, and scissors.

Hot glue gun – one that takes 12mm sticks.

Nice paper – printer weight.

A fancy-ish pen, the kind Santa would totally use to sign his autograph.


Print your Santa letter! You can find downloadable templates online, but if you’re nifty with fonts and such you can design your own like we did (admit it, right now you’re thinking “who the hell says ‘nifty’ anymore?”). Don’t forget to sign it!


Roll it up, and tie it with twine – you might like to use a small piece of tape to hold it together while you tie.


Set up your hot glue gun with your chosen colour of wax. Setting up near your freezer is a good idea (we’ll explain later).  Even though the handy tips on the KH website which we read, said that the hot glue gun can overheat if you are doing lots of wax seals in one hit, we still let it happen. Don’t worry, you’ll only do it once and then you’ll learn your lesson too, very runny wax is NOT what you want! You want the wax to push out easily but still retain it’s blobby (industry term) shape. You will need to flatten your scroll a little as you apply the wax.


Press your stamp into the wax. It should easily come away (and my God, it’s satisfying when it does), however if it shows resistance just let it rest for a moment and ease it out when it’s cooled. We got the best results from a really cold stamp (hence, good to have your freezer handy!). If you are doing many many seals you’ll need to cool the stamp off after every 3-4 uses.


Once your seal has cooled and set, you can choose to highlight the raised image using the ink pad and a cotton bud. To avoid smudging, you’ll need to spray with a fixative (available from any art or office supply store) however we found we didn’t need to, as we used very little, and only to give a faint contrast.


Adjust your twine, and you are DONE! Ready to receive accolades and requests from friends.

You can check out Kustom Haus on Instagram to see how everyone is using this old-but-so-back-in-coz-time-is-a-circle trend. Why not revive and modernise the art of the family crest and become an uber-gift-wrapper in 2017?