If your family is anything like ours, Grannies and Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles have been asking for tips on what to buy the kids for Christmas. Maybe Santa is also in need of a little inspiration.

Usually I send them a spreadsheet of toys with links and prices (I know I am an organised nerd). A list big enough so that they feel as though they have had choice in the matter but alleviates them of the pressure of buying the perfect gift for kids who one minute love Pepper Pig and the next Superheroes.

So I wanted to share my list of perfect gifts to go with your new cubby house, the cubby house you already have, maybe getting or even if you have no cubby at all.  Your extended family will have a plethora of awesome imaginative toys to choose from to excite your little adventurer this year.

This is a list of cool products that we have sourced from our favourite online kids stores. I have included links and pricing for you too! (Wink)

Of course we also have a huge range of accessories that the family can add on to your Cubby House. Check them out here on our Accessories page.


Work Bench/Tools

  1. Plan Toys Work Bench – Little Urban $129.95
  2. Fun Factory Wooden Tool Box – Tini Trader $25.00  SALE $23.00
  3. Fun Factory Tool Set Metal – Tini Trader $41  SALE $38
  4. Hape Wooden Coffee Machine – Tini Trader $49.95
  5. Hape Wooden Cash register – Tini Trader $49.95
  6. Fun Factory Wooden Pizza with Topping – Tini Trader $27  SALE $25
  7. Hape Pasta Set – Tini Trader $39.95
  8. Green Toys Stove Top – Tini Trader $42.95  SALE $34.36
  9. Le Van Honey Bake Mixer – Tini Trader $69.95
  10. Fun Factory Wooden Toaster – Tini Trader $28  SALE $26
  11. Fun Factory Wooden Birthday Cake – Tini Trader $29
  12. Janod Microwave Oven – Tini Trader $50
  13. Tiger Tribe Role Play Kitchen Set – Little Urban $59.95
  14. Flatout Frankie Little Kitchen – Somewhere Someday $21.95
  15. Scandi Vintage Tea Set – Habitots $29.95
  16. Green Toys Dish Set – Tini Trader $49.95  SALE $39.95
  17. Mom Design Fox Plate & Bunny Plate – Habitots $13.00
  18. House Wall Hooks – Habitots $35
  19. Quut Triplet – Habitots $13.95
  20. Quut Cuppi – Habitots $13.95
  21. Canvas storage bag – Habitots $36