Accessories – Cubby Bling, Baby!


Add bunting for a pop of colour or pattern to your cubby house, and to balance out your other elements.

  • Painted Triangle – Little Cubby (3 sides, 15 triangles) – $50
  • Painted Triangle – Midi Cubby (3 sides, 20 triangles) – $70
  • Painted Flag – Little Cubby (3 sides, 15 flags) – $70
  • Painted Flag – Midi Cubby (3 sides, 20 flags) – $90
  • Patterned Flag Bunting – $8 per piece. Choose the amount to suit your size and budget.

Select up to three block colours for painted sets.


Timber awnings for your cubby house can be used on their own, or you can add a fun and vibrant outdoor fabric to style it up.

We have a range of outdoor fabrics that we stock regularly, including stripes in yellow/white, black/white, and navy/white. Our supplier (Fab Outdoor Fabrics) has a HUGE range, so chat to us about your design and see if we can’t make a perfect match for you. We just charge a small extra fee to cover the special order.

The awning fabrics are removable so you can take them off and wash them, or rotate them if you want a seasonal change. Why not pair them with colourful bunting in matching or complimentary colours to really bring your cubby and outdoor space to life!

  • Timber Awning – $115
  • Fabric Coverlet in our stock outdoor fabrics – $65
  • Painted Timber Awning – $145


Double opening windows, an extra wide servery ledge, blackboards, and natural tree branch handles.

Goods can be ‘sold’ at the counter with your cash register at the ready and your menu adorning the blackboards.

Think of the fun!

  • Cafe Windows – $170


Extend your cubby play area to include beautiful and rustic decking. Set up a little table and chairs perhaps, and you have an instant cafe area with food being plated up right out of the cubby’s servery window.

Our decking pieces are the perfect accompaniment to your cubby house. They are the exact same size as a little cubby footprint (1.2 x 1.2m) and the same material, so will blend seamlessly.

We will deliver and set this up for you on level ground for $95 per decking piece. If you have uneven ground let us know, and we can certainly work with you to add some packing or joists to level it out.


Upgrade your hinged door to stable doors, with top and bottom openings just made for peek-a-boo.

  • Stable Door Upgrade – $55


Kids LOVE posting things, and better they post into their very own letter box rather than expensive appliances with tempting slots. Or is that just our kids?

  • Letter Box – $75


Indulge your little green thumb by adding a planter box – they can tend to flowers, herbs, or succulents and it will add great colour and texture to your cubby.

  • Planter Box – $45


Add some cute as a button shelves to the internal walls of your cubby house to decorate with books, trinkets, and toys to give the kids heaps of reasons to play outside!

  • 1-metre shelf including 2 timber brackets – $39