This is a neat trick we use at Castle and Cubby to create personalised blackboard stencils. It is super easy and really effective, so we wanted to share with you how it is done.
What you will need:

  • Blackboard
  • Access to a computer program that allows you to use different fonts
  • Printer or access to a printer
  • Your typeface printed on paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Chalk
  • Liquid chalk paint (available at Officeworks)
  • Pencil (any type, although I find colour pencils the best)

What to do:

I have included images in the slideshow above that take you through the steps to creating your blackboard stencils, each image has the instructions underneath for your reference

  1. Using a program like Word, Paint or Photoshop for instance, create your design
  2. Print to paper in the desired size for your design
  3. Rub chalk over the back of the paper, making sure you cover the edges of all of the letters
  4. Sticky tape the paper to blackboard where your design is going
  5. Using a pencil (I prefer colour pencils because they are softer and transfer the chalk easier) trace over the edges of your design
  6. Remove the paper and sticky tape
  7. Using your liquid chalk paint go over the edges of your design and then fill in


An easy and really effective way to transpose cool designs to your blackboard or other surfaces.

If you want a personalised blackboard on your cubby house and don’t have the time, we can do this for you, just chat to us.

The finished product