Planning an Easter egg hunt? Or maybe you just want a cute, plastic-free, and inexpensive way to jazz up your Easter gift presentation this year? We’ve designed and put together this DIY tutorial for you that is easier than it looks, promise. And if you want to make several baskets, you’ll be amazed at how you can whip through them once you’ve mastered the first. Side note: did you know that baby rabbits are called kittens, NOT BUNNIES?? It’s frightening the things you learn from Play School, as an adult …



2 x A3 sheets of card, minimum 200gsm (you will actually get three sets of ears out of the second A3 sheet, so if you’re making three baskets you’ll only need 4 sheets in total. Now that’s card economy). These will be in your basket’s main body colour, white shown here.

Small piece of black card, and a sheet of card in your ear and tail colour (pink here).

Cutting board, metal ruler, and a scalpel or stanley knife.

Stapler, hole punch, scissors.

Regular tape and double-sided tape.

Tissue for your ‘straw’ filling – 1-2 sheets per basket.


Measure out an A3 sheet as shown. The solid white vertical lines are to be cut, the dotted horizontal lines are to be scored (lightly run the knife across but do not cut through). Scoring makes the card fold nicely. Discard the red sections.


Prepare your ears. Cut two 5cm wide strips long-ways from your second A3 sheet (5cm x 42cm). Fold the ears in half and trim at either end to a bunny ear shape, as shown. Then, cut two pink ear inners (you can trace the shape of the white ears to use as a guide) and tape down onto one side of the ear handles.




Back to your basket. You’ll begin by folding in the four inner-most tabs, and taping them down to the inside of the rounded section (we’ve highlighted the inner tabs with a red dotted line for you to see better). Make sure they are all even by lining up the tab corners flush to the round edge. Repeat with the middle tabs, the whole way round your basket.



Before taping down the outer tabs, you want to secure your ear handles. Place the ear as shown – lining up on an angle, and making the ear flush to the fold (again, highlighted in red, with an arrow). Staple the ear down fairly close to the edge.



You can then tape down the outer tabs. Your basket should look like this!



Now you can start on your creature features! Cut out a nose, tail, mouth strips, and whisker spots, and add double-sided tape. The easiest way to do the spots and mouth strips is to pop a length of double-sided tape onto the black card before using a hole punch and cutting those thin strips. Stick the features onto the front and back of your basket




Now for your ‘straw’. Fold and roll up a sheet of tissue paper, and cut the ends off into a pile. You can go as thick or thin as you like.



Fluff out the rolled up strips and scrunch to make your filler straw.