Double Mud Kitchen Giveaway

Unless you were living in Northern NSW and Queensland over this Winter, you will have endured just about as much as you can take of Winter. I don’t know about you, but this one was particularly tiresome with sickness in our house and serious cabin fever!

I wanted to celebrate the start of Spring, the beginnings of our migration back to an outside dwelling species and all the crazy goodness that has happened to us over the last few months. We had our appearance on The Block, launched our new website and logo, released 2 new products, delivered a super special HUGE photoshoot, and, will be showcasing our new products at our second One Fine Baby exhibition this coming weekend!

We are launching our own giveaway to encourage kids and parents to get back outside, to tidy up the outdoor play space and spark up the ol’ imagination. What better way to achieve this than with one of our Premium Mud Kitchens! But what fun is it winning if you can’t share it with you friends? So we are giving away not one but TWO of our premium mud kitchens for you and your best mate.

Valued at $1640!! PLUS we will pay for shipping costs to capital city depots

**You will need to arrange pickup from there, or pay additional to have it delivered closer or to your door

How To Enter | Two Easy Steps!

1. All you have to do is tag your best girl/guy friend on our giveaway posts on either or both Instagram and Facebook posts.

You can tag as many friends as you like, and the more you tag the more chance you have of winning. BUT REMEMBER tag each friend on a different line, NOT all in one tagging session.

And don’t worry, as we will be choosing at random your tag with your friends tag, you won’t have to explain to your mates why you didn’t pick them ; )

2. Sign up to our mail list HERE with your name, email address and phone number we will contact you via phone if  you have WON!

Please fill in your social media handles so that we can find you in our database to call.

Competition dates:

Running for 1 week from Sunday 3rd September to Midnight on Sunday 10th September. The winner will be announced on Monday 11th September.