Check out this cubby we completed yesterday, a colourful and inspiring farmers market cubby play space for a very excited family in Bon Beach, Victoria.

Waaahhhh! I have fallen in love again.

This beautiful space with a recycled timber decking was sitting empty and awaiting a special addition.

With a very special first birthday in only a few weeks time this family, as with most of our cubby families, had scoured the internet searching for the perfect play space for their 1st birthday gift. A little dejected they finally happened across our website.

I love getting those calls, exited and slightly nervous parents thinking it is too good to be true and not sure if they have left it too late. I love hearing the surprise and joy when I say, “sure we can get that done for you in the next 2 weeks”.

We have the pleasure of dealing with a lot of very happy and exited families, but Jon thinks this family might just be our most excited and happy to date. So much so, that a small party has turned into over 100 guests whom they are eager to show their new addition to, oh and celebrate a 1st birthday of course. 😉

We’re also very excited to introduce our new deck chairs to you, now that I have some proper photos to convey their beauty. As with everything Castle and Cubby they are made from 100% recycled timber and as usual we use high quality fabrics from our favourite suppliers Fab Outdoor Fabrics .