The Lost Lands Festival

The Lost Lands Festival is one of Melbourne’s newest festivals and one that is targeted directly at families; probably more specifically mums and dads that used to frequent the festival circuits unencumbered by children, nappy bags, drinks bottles and carefully thought out sustenance. The festival was created by Falls Festival director Simon Daly, which explains the format and focus on bringing together music, art, theatre, thinking, comedy and camping experiences for all ages.

There was some big name quality music acts including The Waifs, Missy Higgins & Architecture in Helsinki. I couldn’t think of a better way to start your kids music education than by partying with them in this all ages camping festival. There were so many different activities for people to engage in from learning new skills and passions in song writing, cooking, yoga, circusplay and more.

Managing a space sponsored by the TAC, The Loco Group were tasked with creating a cool kids environment with a mix of learning and fun. They needed to get across the TAC’s message of road safety in a fun and imaginative way and they needed our help. Could we build a custom built car that would allow kids to play and also teach them about seat belt safety and putting your phones away before you drive? The answer from us is ALWAYS yes!

So we built a car with all the inclusions and I think we nailed it. We also took down our Farmer’s Market Cubby House complete with toys for shopping up a storm. Needless to say the kids had a ball and the team at the Loco Group were very happy the results.

We are passionate about our products and how well they work in an event environment. We ensure that the highest standards are achieved in terms of quality and aesthetics and we bring down all the little extras to make it a proper imaginative play setup. Our cubby houses and accessories are the perfect inclusion for your event where there will be children and adults seeking fun and interaction.

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See the pics below of the Lost Lands Festival and the fun they all had.