We recently built this cubby house for a gorgeous little family in Yarraville, Melbourne. Kyla called us excited and emotional and we were so touched by her story that we made sure we built the best damn cubby we could.

Kyla’s beautiful mother Paula passed away 5 years ago, before she was able to watch her daughter become a mother. Before she died she gifted Kyla some money to put into  a ‘dream fund’ for grandchildren she hoped one day would come.

Kyla had a little boy Tarkyn just over 2 years ago and in the back of her mind she was waiting for the right gift, a treasured item that would be from his Nanny.

She came across our cubby houses and knew that it was supposed to be. They had the right space, it was the right time and it seemed the universe was sending them messages to say this was what Nanny wanted.

This cubby ‘Nanny’s Place’ is a gift from both sets of Tarkyn’s grandparents, Nanny, Poppy, Grandma and Nonno. What a lucky boy to be loved so dearly from those near and far.

Kyla has decorated the cubby herself with her own amazing sense of style and appreciation for finer details. When we finished this cubby I was there taking photos, and on leaving to say goodbye Kyla was only just holding it together. Seeing her mother’s wishes come true was an emotional experience, I am sure she finally let go after I left, I know I did.

Thank you Kyla, Simon and Tarkyn for inviting us to build part of your story. We know you will create many happy memories here that will last a lifetime, you already are. Here are a few snaps of your special place. X