We were genuinely excited to be invited to showcase our new cubbies (and meet a bunch of absolute legends) at the One Fine Baby fair in Melbourne this month! We worked like DOGS to get ready for this event (funny though, our actual dog did bugger all), pulling Very Late Nights to prepare all the finer details and even roping in local mummas for champagne-fueled bunting painting parties (say that fast three times!). While the rest of Melbourne enjoyed some solid shut-eye, we got up REALLY EARLY (so, so early) to head down to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton to set up.

But … by golly, it was all worth it. That feeling when you survey your ‘kingdom’ and can’t believe how well it came together, ppfft all those anxious worries were for nothing. Our precious, beautiful, sleep-depriving, kissable (okay, that’s a bit far), wooden offspring! We brought along our new beach box and gelato shop cubby styles, with our custom deck chairs, tables, and painted stools; plus inflatables and beach towels from Cotton On Kids. Check out our babies.


Kids and kidults alike had a blast, serving ‘ice cream’ and shootin’ the breeze. There was barely a moment where we didn’t have a full house, so to speak! We can’t wait to shoot these new additions (very soon) for our Summer campaign, and start installing them in backyards across Melbourne.

Speaking of which … we took our teal beach box cubby to a very special (shhhh) celeb’s home which we hope to announce soon (but shhhhhh, seriously, zip it).

Contact us if you want to get ahead of the Summer/Christmas rush. We just need to have a quick nap first, that was a BIG few weeks for us! In the meantime, check out these sweet deets from the day: