Treehouse Cubby House – The stuff childhood memories are made of

We recently built this very cool treehouse for a family holiday home in McCrae on the Mornington peninsula in Melbourne. The owner of this home has several grand children and wanted to make their childhoods even more memorable with a treehouse cubby house, and he had the perfect spot.

We met our client at the house and scoped the location and tress to make sure we could do something special. The client wanted something nestled in between two trees with clear view from the house. We were able to use the trees as support on one side and would need to provide additional support on the backside by way of cypress posts.

Of course we would be using our recycled timber cubby house as the main cubby as well as our decking pieces the create a verandah. We wanted to create a roof over the whole space as well. We sourced our supporting beams from our local eco timber supplier for their untreated and eco friendly qualities. There are no nasty chemicals here.

Jon and Tilley spent 1 whole day putting this together using the eco timbers as support, our decking and cubby and then our recycled timbers to create a bespoke handrail for safety. They also made the ladder onsite to suit the incline and space, all of this was made from recycled timbers as well. We found some great natural tree branches and used these for the door handle.

I made it down in the afternoon just in time for a spectacular sunset over the Mornington Peninsula, which made for some beautiful images. We made sure to get our boys in there for a test run to make sure it was all working to kid specifications. I think you can tell from the looks on their faces that they gave it the thumbs up!

We are so very proud of this cubby. It is a beautiful example of what we set out to achieve with Castle and Cubby and that is creating sustainable, rustic, raw and interesting kids play spaces. We want to inspire imagination, not determine it and I think we achieved that here.

This tree house cubby house truly reminds me of The Swiss Family Robinson  movie where they lived in tree houses. I was so obsessed with that notion, being up high, reaching out the windows to the leaves, out of reach of parents and in your own made up world. Ahhhhh.  A treehouse cubby house is really the stuff of childhood dreams and memories.

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