A little over a month ago, we picked a random Thursday in October and said “THIS DAY will be the day we bring our epic beach-vendors photoshoot to life!” – and wouldn’t you know it? We picked the one gloriously sunny day (flanked by a rainy, overcast, and super-windy week) to up-sticks and head down to Mt Martha with a truck full of goodies and a trailer of cubby houses (oh, and a boat, no biggie).


Playing on childhood memories of seaside fish ‘n’ chip lunches, and beach days ending on a high with dripping ice cream cones, we went to work designing two distinct cubbies for kids to let their imaginations run amok. Endless emails and phone calls and to-do lists later, we had our favourite photographer Grant from My Little Tribe, seven gorgeous kids, and a bunch of hand-picked brands on board to bring you our Summer campaign!


Outfits and accessories from Cotton On Kids were whipped onto our models moments before shooting – it’s no secret it’s pretty impossible for kids to keep their clothes clean. Fenton and Fenton provided the stunning outdoor furniture, and loaned us their Basil Bangs umbrellas too! Balloons and honeycomb decorations from Poppies for Grace added some much adored colour (fun fact – a helium tank inflating jumbo balloons is probably the most entertaining and scary thing for kids to watch. They loved it …. but they all had their ears covered in anticipation of a LOUD POP). Electric Confetti kindly loaned us a giant neon ice cream, and it was pretty damn impossible to walk away from their new Brighton shop without borrowing a heap more (“surely I can make a Sriracha-sauce-bottle and an emoji-heart-eyes neon work in a gelateria??”). All our colourful cubbies and cubby accessories are painted using Haymes paints.


Not only did we luck out with the weather, we seemed to have one of those magical days where all the kids were in fine form – exploring and squealing and ‘posing’ occasionally when asked (that last one probably had something to do with the promise of real chips and gelato). But mostly, it was because we kind of let them go ahead and do their own thing. One of the coolest things as a parent is to eavesdrop on your kids interacting with others while they work out their games, it can be a hilarious insight! We kept them all at bay as best we could while we set up, then let them loose to catch fish, feed chips to the seagulls (it was a Seagull’s Best Day Ever that day) and serve ‘customers’.


Once we’d all eaten our fair share of sand-laced chips, we headed over to the gelateria to be blinded with COLOUR and eat some sweet treats! It was a proud moment as many of them picked up the halved kiwi fruits and tucked in with spoons while we adults stood by flabbergasted, holding tubs of gelato and feeling smug that fruit (briefly) triumphed over sugar.


Hundreds of shots later, we yelled ‘THAT’S A WRAP!” (not really, does anyone really say that?) and got our feet wet in the ocean for a bit as we procrastinated the pack down. You don’t know regret til you’ve dragged a 10,000kg boat back up a beach (it was so easy getting it down there …). Luckily, if you leave a bunch of kids to their own devices, they WILL entertain themselves – for our crew it was shrieking maniacally as they figured out they could smash open coconuts all by themselves by throwing them onto shards of ice. I could not have thought up that game if I tried ….


A big thank you to our models, and the parents and siblings who entertained them all and kept things together behind the scenes! Enjoy our full gallery of shots below.


The Gelateria and Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop are both available for event hire (and if you just can’t let them go, for purchase too!).