A few months ago, just before our family headed off on a much needed Bali-break, the people at a little show called THE BLOCK (!!!) got in touch, to ask if we’d be interested in collaborating on an upcoming challenge in their latest series.

Naturally, we said “hell yes we’d be interested!” and by the time we returned, slightly sundamagedtanned and oh-so-briefly rejuvenated, we had confirmation and a rather tight turnaround before filming commenced.

We supplied five cubby houses, in pieces, along with a range of accessories and our instruction sheets – basically, exactly what we provide for our interstate self-installation customers! We delivered to the Hedgend Maze in Healesville the day before shooting, and set up five confusing-looking piles of components. Oh, and we also set up a rather cute mini Hardware Shop just for Scott Cam.

The following day we showed up to sticky-beak and watch the drama and fun unfold. We were blown away with the sheer scale of the whole operation – an insane amount of crew and equipment behind the scenes, all racing around and bringing the day’s challenge together like a well-oiled machine

The contestants arrived, along with Ben and Andy, school teachers from a previous season. As the challenge was kid-focused, a lot of the dialogue was themed around school and learning (Ben and Andy being the ideal MCs). Essentially, the challenge was a race to ‘Build a Cubby’ – and make it good because it will be going in your property’s backyard!

The Healesville location was an integral part of the challenge. The race began with contestants running into the maze to locate their instructions, with further maze running later on to find their team colour paint and styling items. Ben and Andy ran a Geography and P.E. themed quiz and physical test, and eventually there were five complete cubbies, five tired teams, and just alittle bit of tweaking required to make the finished products Block-worthy!

We felt so lucky to spend the day on set, seeing first-hand all the excitement of real-life reality TV. The entire team, from hosts to crew to contestants, were all so lovely, warm, and thankful. And the strangest part is, we got to sit and watch with the rest of Australia, not quite knowing what to expect, despite being there in person – it really was a surreal experience!

So now, we’re just waiting to hear from Jeff Probst. Offering to fly us to a luxurious private island to build a series of immunity challenges for Survivor. Hey Jeff, call us, we’ve got serious TV cred now!

Did you see the episode? Watch the introduction here:

Watch the rest of the styling and finished products here: Oh and rest assured that we spend a bit more time in putting together our cubbies!

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